Direct Bank LTD – its really the first Your bank!


To do the business conservative, it does not mean with little profit, but with a high level of safety and reliability of income.

That also means working with proven and long-term stable trading partners on a financial markets, they show their quality in the time of financial crisis.


It is not the art of earning at the time when all successful.

Art is earning at a time when everyone says they can not.

That can only the best. We cooperate only with the best. Work with them also.


If you want to do business, do the business.

If you want to make a money, make money.

If you want to go to the top, go.

With the Direct Bank LTD you can undertake, make a money and go to the top. Be the part of our global business team.


The world around us is changing a dizzying speed.

New information and communication technologies are flooding our world.

But all these news are nothing without the man who can control and use them.

Give to your life the new dimension. Make it more safety, satisfied and happier.

Direct Bank LTD – its really the first Your bank!


Direct Bank LTD is your first bank, which is really yours!

First bank for networks

Direct Bank LTD is a first bank, which takes You, people and companies active in the fields DS/MLM, NM, RM, OM, Affiliate seriously. Our products and services have only one target - support your in your effort and streamline your business. Your time comes now. With Direct Bank LTD we are here to help you.

Global impact

Whether you run your personal or business activities anywhere in the world, Direct Bank LTD there may be with you. You can receive money from anyone and anywhere in the world. You can send your money to anyone in the world. Without restrictions and with minimal cost.

For all types of clients

Everyone is different, everyone has their own dreams and ideas. Direct Bank LTD also has a dream, to help our clients to achieve satisfaction, happiness and success. For us is every client our VIP client.

For all types of business

There are people who only start to do a business. In contrast, there are people who do business for years. Also, there are small companies, larger and largest ones. Some use the bank's services occasionally while others constantly. Direct Bank Ltd has a lot of interesting things for everyone. We create it FOR YOU.

Direct Bank LTD ... let money work FOR YOU!

Direct Bank LTD


Misa Building, BP 724,
Fomboni, Mwali-Mohéli,
Autonomous island of Mwali-Mohéli,
Comoros Union

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All financial and banking products are offered by Direct Bank Ltd. under a banking license (License No. B20070017) in the Comoros Islands.